Joe.B and Danny the camera guy go look for unsuspecting girls and pull scams to make the girl feel sorry enough for Joe.B to want to fuck him! It's hilarious! Check out the new site that everyone is talking about!

Victim: Melissa 18 y.o:  40 Minutes Total Video : 101 Hardcore Photos
Joe came up with this scam all on his own and he even made his very own T-shirt and hat too! We went to school to see if we could find some cute girl who would believe that poor Joe is very simple and just would like to talk to a nice girl. Melissa was really sweet, I enjoyed this one! Best thing about this scam is what happened after Joe fucked her! Watch it and see!
Victim: Kelly 19 y.o:  45 Minutes Total Video : 112 Hardcore Photos
Joe put on his trusty dark sunglasses and got a walking cane that blind people use and we went down to the car park at the mall. Joe saw some total babe come out the gym so he followed her to her car and when she was backing out he pretended that she hit him! She felt real bad and asked if there was anything she could do. Turns out there was a whole lot she could do!
Victim: Trista 18 y.o:  49 Minutes Total Video : 143 Hardcore Photos
Joe was back in his wheelchair and decided to go down the car park on his latest expedition to scam some hot fresh action! He knew that the "pretend the car hit me" trick had worked in the past so he waited till he spotted the cutest babe he had seen in a loooong time! She thought she had really hurt Joe.B and was more than eager to make him feel real good again!